Low Voltage LED Sign Ideas

Low voltage electricity is making bigger strides in construction circles as electrical devices become more and more efficient.

You probably couldn't go three pages on this website without finding our praise for LED lighting technology.

It's only fitting to see these cost-effective technologies merging together in outdoor signage.

What is Low Voltage?

Besides the obvious-sounding definitions within the name, Low Voltage has varied references. For this post, the definition will use will be in reference to electrical safety standards and codes. Typically, like with NEC codes, Low Voltage is defined as 49 volts. For Low Voltage circuits, it's 100 Volts or less.

While this still sounds like quite a bit of power, when enough devices get on a circuit, the power availability per device dilutes quickly. Even with LED signs & today's evolving technology, there are limitations to the amount of lighting one can have in low voltage situations. That's okay. Not only is low voltage safer and cost-effective, it also creates signage design opportunities.

What can you do with Low Voltage LED?

Back-lit LED signs are always popular choices. Channel Letter lighting is always a possibility, assuming we're not lighting a speech. Classic gooseneck, bullet, and lamp lights can highlight any standard sign non-lit sign, from sheet metal to classic wood carvings.

And, depending on size and scope, we can get an electronic message board in there.

What can't you do with Low Voltage LED?

Ever see the LED screens center-piecing the Dallas Cowboys field at AT&T Stadium? Forget about it, for now.

Have sign ideas that require low voltage?

Let us know. We'd love to hear them. We design and build every sign in the shop, then hand them over to our team of boom truck operators and installers to put your sign in the lights – low voltage LED and otherwise.