Beautiful Lighted Letter Signs in Chicago and where to find them.

Paris is the City of Lights. New York City is the City that Never Sleeps. They can keep those nicknames because when City by the Lake lights up at night, there's no more beautiful place in all the world.

We might be biased, but we don't care. We're from Chicago.

Those lights. Those hypnotic, cosmopolitan lights and majestic signs sing out to you. They sing one letter at a time, one word at a time, "You're in Chicago, anything is possible."

This is where we come in.

For over thirty years we've been designing, building, and installing those majestic signs with those beautiful lighted letters, crafting those messages for Chicago businesses. We help them reach their customers and get noticed in a virtually endless sea of light and sound. Some of the ways we've created these lighted letters and signs include:

Channel Letters:

Typically using LED Lighting and Aluminum side returns and letter backs, we backlight custom made channel letters which create luminescent glow throughout the whole sign.

LED Illuminated Signs:

Sometimes we created those lighted letter effects by illuminating the whole sign: Letters, logo, and all. Those looking to reduce their carbon footprint will enjoy this because LED Illuminated Signs can lead you on the way to LEED certifications for your business. LED lights are essential for the lighting porting of the certification

Wall Mounted Signs:

We'll attach Wall Mounted Signs to the walls, stick them out to the night, and make sure those letters shine bright. Light sources include LEDs, fluorescent lamps, gooseneck lights…whatever the design calls for.

Marquees & Electronic Message Boards:

When those letters can move, messages can update on the fly, and video and animation can be incorporate, you've got a sign that's only limited by your imagination.

Whatever is best for lighting up your letters and getting the word out about your Chicago business, we're here for you.

Contact us today. We give free initial consolations, free quotes, and our "On Time Or On Us" guarantee. Hope to hear from you soon.