LED Board Signage ideas.

The important part of LED Board Signs is how they interact with your customers. Near-priceless. That said, the fun part of LED Board Signs is that they intrigue both the science-minded and creative-minded individuals within your organization. The science-minded individuals will love how it works. The creative-minded individuals will love how much they'll be able to get their words out.

Here are a few ways they both get what they want, including one scenario where we bring in the finance team (for which we apologize):

Indoor & Outdoor message collaboration.

Every Intro to Advertising class discusses the beautiful, curious case of Wall Drug Store's visionary billboard advertising approach. The multi-billboard campaign asking commuters, "How many miles to Wall Drug Store?" is the gold standard in engagement.

With a combination of indoor and outdoor LED Board signs on your location, you can recreate that epic messaging approach themes starting with your outdoor LED Board signs and continuing on with your indoor LED Board signs, which funnels customers into the targeted locations within your business.

And with a few (very-very) well-connected inquisitions, you, too, can plant your first LED Board sign in the London Underground. Maybe.

Medium & Low-Resolution Signs.

To get both your science-minded and marketing-minded individuals what they need at a price your finance-minded individuals will suffer fewer anxiety attacks from, lower-resolution signs could be the way to go. Marketers won't get to be as refined with their imagery and science teams won't be as far along the cutting edge, but it wouldn't be a compromise if everyone didn't have to give up a little something of value to get what they want.

The timeless beauty of Recycled Signage.

Some of our favorite sign projects happen when we get to take cutting edge technology and encase it within some of the most beautiful, classic sign integrations. If you have an iconic sign, want to keep its essence yet want a leading-edge integration, recycling your signage could / would / possibly-should be the way to go.

To learn more about how not to be bored with LED board signs, contact us today.