Illuminated Business Signs: our best sellers.

There's self-sustaining symbolism found within every illuminated business sign. Each one represents a name, an idea able to successfully shine on its own. There is power within that. There's strength. Achievement. Possibility. To us, this self-evident might is why each illuminated business sign is beautiful.

We work to design, build, and install this spirit in each illuminated business sign we make, unless, of course, the market doesn't resonate with such ideals (there is a market for everyone).

All our Illuminated Business Sign projects come with the following features:

  • Free Initial Consultation: Understanding your needs, your competition, and your budget.
  • Prices? Get a Free Quote: From permits to installation, we'll give you a playbook and run plays with you.
  • "On Time or On Us" Guarantee. As with all our sign projects: We'll do it on time or you won't pay a dime.
  • Optional Service, End-of-Life, and Maintenance Contracts: Keep that illuminated light burning bright for years to come.

Our most popular Illuminated Business Sign types include the following:

LED Illuminated Signs.

Not only are they beautiful, but the LED lighting keeps the same consistent glow for its lifespan - which is typically longer than fluorescents, LCDs, and standard light bulbs.

As for your carbon footprint? With LED technology, your footprint shrinks by sizes.

Channel Letters.

What makes Channel Letter signage so incredible is their 3-D textures. It not only gives the eye more to latch onto, but Channel Letters makes the name that-much-more tangible.

Most Channel Letter signs nowadays are backlit by LED. Unless there's something outlandish and unforeseen with the project, LED is our default lighting recommendation.

Electronic Message Boards.

When your illuminated business sign needs to sing & dance and tell a story, over & over again, go with the Electronic Message Boards. The power of digital & LED technology. The timeless craftsmanship of signage. Electronic Message Boards are a powerful business marketing tool.

So long as your signage illuminates your business.

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