How We Recycled Our Own Corporate Sign

How We Recycled Our Own Corporate Sign

The eco-friendly “green” movement has been fully incorporated into today’s business world. One can’t go more than a few feet in public without seeing semblances of someone or some organization reducing, reusing and recycling.

Recycled, eco-friendly signage is an option as well

With the quality of signs today, an aging business sign doesn’t necessarily need removed, replaced and junked. Nowadays one can actually take the parts of the sign that still look new and are in good condition and reused them with new parts. The result is a beautiful new sign that keeps a bit of history in it, helps the environment and allows the owners to conserve some of the green in their wallets.

Besides, who needs all that on their carbon footprint?

We like eco-friendly signs so much, we recycled our corporate sign

We’ve spent nearly four decades making signs for so many clients that, sadly, our own sign was being neglected. ‘Call it the curse of the carpenter’s house. ‘Call it what you will, but the time finally came when we had to focus on ourselves and update our sign.

We became our own client

We put ourselves through our client process, from the first meeting to the final product. We took the sign back to the shop where we stripped out the parts we could reuse, reduced everything we didn’t need, recycled the rest and fused what was left with new signage materials. The end result was a beautiful new 21st century sign that invites customers in from hundreds of yards away while saving us both money and materials.

Check out the pictures above to see the results for yourself.

Would you like to freshen up your corporate sign while saving the environment?

If the idea of owning eco-friendly signage that will give your business a presence that you could feel good about in more ways than one, please contact us today!