Hotel Lincoln

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Built in the roaring 1920's, Hotel Lincoln has earned its place in Chicago's rich architectural history.  Unfortunately, the passing decades have not been kind, and the tower's former beauty had long since worn away.  Recently, an extensive restoration has breathed new life into the building reminding the city of one of her forgotten treasures.

As part of this renovation, Landmark Sign Group provided a new canopy fashioned to complement the building's distinct facade.  A subtle faux painting technique was used to visually tie the newly constructed entryway with the aging building.  The existing flag-mounted neon sign which over time had become a tired eyesore was refurbished to match the canopy below.

In addition, the neon letters which stood atop the building were overhauled using metalwork and other elements of the original sign helping to restore the image of the hotel in its heyday.

We at Landmark are proud to have assisted in the rejuvenation of this iconic hotel.