Hotel Exterior Signage. Beacons for the weary traveler.

Typically, all hotel signage experience works outside–in, lest they be apartment signs. But moreso than the obvious, a hotel's exterior signage is the beacon calling in the weary traveler. It's the glad-handing first impression that begins to shape the customer's perception of their upcoming stay. If the sign doesn't live up to the location's standards, no matter how the rest of their visit goes, the customer will remember their initial impression, and it will likely mark their stay.

We help you make the most of this possibility. Here are a few recent examples of how we do just that:

MileNorth Hotel

For Destination Hotel & Resorts' re-branding of the Affina Hotel into the MileNorth Hotel, we installed signage to the building's 28th floor fascia. While it was brilliant and included push-thru 1” thick acrylic letters & logos and a set of LED illuminated, acrylic face channel letters, the project was more about how we got to help change the overall hotel experience.

Hotel Chicago

Once home to the iconic House of Blues Hotel, Hotel Chicago is the perfect homage to world-renown Downtown Chicago dining & entertainment district. We designed, built, and installed the 6’ x 14’ double-sided aluminum cabinet signs with reverse-LED illuminated channel letters reading, “Hotel Chicago.”

Blue Chip Casino Hotel & Spa

Their advertising campaigns used to say, "The best things come out of the blue," but nowadays you can see Blue Chip Casino Hotel & Spa from miles away. From the West, it's because of their Spa Blu Tower which oversees the Indiana Dunes Lakeshore, Lake Michigan, and the Chicago skyline on a clear day. From the East, it's the incredible Electronic Message Board sign we designed, built, and installed.

We can help put your Hotel Exterior Signage on the map, too.

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