Go ahead, leave the sign lights on all night.

We have customers who turn their lights off. It saves them money. It gives their employees a sense of relief to flip the switch and prepare to go home. It tells customers that you've reached their end of business. It's an incredible, sound business strategy.

But, consider the option of leaving the business signs on 24-7, even if your office, store, or location isn't. There are several advantages. For starters, a Fed-Ex® Office survey said that 79% of Americans remember a business based on their sign.

We have more. Check it out:

Not all your customers work 9-5, well at least 9am-5pm.

It's a myth that all your customers work the iconic 9-5 lifestyle. Some never get that schedule. Some never want that schedule. Some cities don't work on that schedule. Entertainment areas like Las Vegas, NV are considered "9-5" towns, but 9pm-5am because of all the workers in the entertainment industry.

Leaving your signage lights on for them gives them an extra opportunity to see your sign in passing.

How much extra does it cost, really?

If you went with LED signage, perhaps going so far as to get your LEED certification for your efforts, then the cost to keep the lights on is typically nominal, and typically significantly cheaper than alternative forms of advertising.

The many, many ways customers can contact your business.

Your business phone number should have voice mail. Your location should have email and a website contact form. If you're in retail, your products and services might be purchased directly from the website. Customers might even see your sign and buy directly from the phone. That seems to be the trend nowadays.

Even Wednesday night church quilting clubs have their own Facebook pages & groups nowadays.

With all the message taking, lead generation, and e-commerce solutions available, no business is ever truly closed.

They make Open / Closed signs for a reason.

How 'bout a big ole red sign to let people know you're closed for the day? It's a popular solution. Putting it next to the weekly hours sign by the door will let folks stop by, see the hours, and know when to come back. While they're there, they can see the information you have posted and learn more about your products and / or services.

It makes sense to leave the lights on. Did we open your eyes to the idea?