Classic Theatre Outdoor Signs. New LED Lighting.

The great thing about today's outdoor signs is that they can keep & hold the look & feel of the signs of yesteryear. Like the stage crew in a production, all the gears & guts & technology stay behind the scenes. We get an incredible sense of joy when theater clients can't immediately tell when they've had an upgrade until they've seen the brighter shine at night and a decreased electric bill. Talk about signs of a job well done.

Below are a few cases where we updated classic theatre signs. If you didn't know before you saw them, it would be hard to tell.

Cadillac Palace Theatre

Theatre history buffs would be quick to note that the extravagant lighting in the Cadillac Palace Theatre in Chicago is no longer neon, but LED lights. In fact, that entire sign runs on LED lighting technology. It's still just as dazzling as its first day and reduces both the electric bill and its carbon footprint.

Music Box Theatre

The vintage "modern" theatre designed for those flash-in-the-pan "motion pictures," The Music Box Theatre has had its name in the lights since flapper dresses were the rage – the first time. It's sign, too, has had an LED makeover. It still looks incredible, operates efficiently. Even Whitey, the theatre ghost, appears to appreciate that we kept the sign's integrity. Hopefully.

Goodman Theatre

When the March 28, 2016 sign fire torched the top of the Goodman Theatre sign, the theatre turned to us to fix and make improvements to the hallmark signage. We turned to LED technology to keep the signature multi-color functionality while maintaining its elegant, with a cost-effective boost at the end of each month.

Not that every theatre sign needs to have LED lighting…

…but with complete spectrum of benefits, LED lighting is becoming the standard. If you have a theatre sign that needs work or are simply inspired by them and would like their intricate details added to your location's signage, contact us today.