Best materials for Outdoor signs.

The best material for outdoor signs is…

Adamantium. Essentially indestructible. Created by Dr. Myron MacLain back in World War II. Its invention turned the tide of the war…in Marvel Comics.

For a realistic alternative, you could go for tungsten or titanium…if you have that kind of budget.

Point being, the material is there to hold your sign up for generations.

The actual 'best' material depends on what every signage project depends on.

It becomes a Cost-Benefit Analysis between:

  1. the best materials
  2. your design ideas & needs
  3. the budget available
  4. what the other signs in the area are doing
  5. the local zoning laws


If budget isn't an object, metal is strongest:

Once again, if the design is the same, metal will be stronger. That's simple. Steel is always great. Aluminum is quite durable.

But a well-constructed wood sign will get you far.

It's more cost-effective and can be durable.

There's always a good acrylic sign.

They can be backlit or front-lit by spotlights, canned lights, whatever the design comes up with.

Acrylic and Composites are typically the most cost-effective.

PVC plastic, ALUCOBOND® aluminum composites, and ALPOLIC® metal composites are three go-to examples of providing low-cost, durable alternatives to give the look and feel of metal & acrylic.

There's always functionality to consider:

Back-lit signs will require one design style. LED message boards require a whole different framework to keep stable but might need lees to style it.

It always comes down to budget.

Design vs. Durability. Form vs. Functionality. Questions as old as time.

Whatever the constraints, we'll design, build, and install for you’re a valuable sign.