The best LED Signs in Chicago? Well...

Simple question: Who builds the best LED Signs in Chicago?

Simpler answer: Yours, if we made it. Otherwise, ours.

Let's start by guessing your next question:

"Can you back up that claim?"

For starters, would you want anyone who wouldn't be willing to say they're the best? Or in the top 3?

As for backing it up, let's start here:

We're the largest custom sign company in Chicago & Northwest Indiana. We produce over 900 business signs and 4,000 custom displays nationwide – per year. We build, design, and install each and every sign we work on. Every year, more and more of them are LED signs – mostly outdoor, yet with some indoor.

There might be someone out there in the Chicago area, today, who's got some award from someone who says otherwise. Maybe. That said, we'll throw our hat in the ring with anyone and everyone, put up an incredible fight, and will be in the conversation for the best LED signage in Chicago and abroad, provided it doesn't take us away from focusing on our customers. It's impossible to be the best when you're focusing more on vanity metrics and less on your customers.

Let's focus on the important things.


We'll make any type of LED sign you want. We'll design, build, and install it, even helping you make sure all the "I"'s are dotted and "T"'s are crossed on your permit paperwork. We'll do message board, scrolling marquees, illuminated / backlit signs, channel letters…. We'll even do good ole-fashioned signs with LED goosenecks lights – a little old, and a little new.

And Customers:

We walk our customers through every step of the process so they know what's coming, when it's coming, what to expect on each step, and when to expect it. We can go so far as to include an "On Time Or On Us" agreement with your sign.

And Vendors & Equipment:

We work with the best vendors and use the best equipment for the job to make sure your sign lasts as long as planned, stays as durable as anticipated, and is filled with the best technology for the job.

How to begin:

We start every LED signage project the same way we start every signage project: with a free initial consultation and, if progressed and requested, a free quote. This will give you something tangible and trustworthy, a clearer picture at the amazing adventure to come.

Your best LED sign for your Chicago business is just a contact away.

We look forward to hearing from you.