The types of Exterior Signs we design, build, and install.

During our clients' free initial consultation, we often get asked, "What kind of exterior signs do you do?"

We often say, "All of them, except billboard signs. They're smelly."

Polite hilarity often ensues.

After that, as we build out their initial free quote, we often get asked what we think are the best exterior signs. A loaded question to say the least, but depending on the budget we typically recommend the following three types:

  1. Electronic Message Board (typically the LED version)
  2. LED Illuminated Signs
  3. Channel Letters

Electronic Message Boards: This sign type provides the most freedom and flexibility with message signings. The higher-end runs will let you run video clips. Most all of them will let your run a nice image gallery and softer style. And if the day got away from you and you just want to update the messages with text and, perhaps, a little marquee scroll, then your electronic message boards will allow it.

LED Illuminated Signs: Graceful, full-color signage. Reduced carbon footprint. Everyone wins with LED Illuminated Signs. These are also great for those who don't necessarily want to keep updating their message but want a modern, establish look to centerpiece their storefront.

Channel Letters: The marble columned-presence of the signage industry. Channel letters are bold and engaging. Their 3-D textures make your signage stand out both literally and figuratively.

Flexibility and freedom between, and with, the exterior sign types.

The great thing about all our styles of exterior signs is that you never have to be locked into one signage type, only.

If you want a message board and channel letters, we can do that.
If you want simple wooden sign with a little monochromatic scroll underneath, we can do that.
If you want a simple wooden carving with a carved sheet metal frame, we can do that.
Even if you want one of those smelly billboard signs as your storefront sign, we can do that.

In the end, the signage styles conform to you, not the other way around.

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