Advantages of Channel Letter signs

With the rise of LED technology, it's almost hard to remember that there are still many, many incredible ways to make beautiful, poignant signs for your business without integrating a digital monitor or screen. But, it can be done. It can be done beautifully. And it can be not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly.

And did we mention, "beautiful" yet?

Here are a few beautiful reasons:

Channels letters have three-dimensional reach for improved readability and various lighting options for indoor and outdoor use.

The great thing with channel letters is that each letter and logo can stick out, literally. The extra texture and visibility within the letters allows for increased visibility and readability.

They can be read from most any scouted location. The reason is that the channel letters typically aren’t refined to shape, size, or color. They don't have to fit into a box or a screen.

Channel letters also have numerous lighting options, allowing for them to be installed in brightly-lit or dimly-lit locations. Channel letter lighting usually comes down to the following:

  • back lit
  • front lit
  • face lit
  • reverse / halo-illuminated lit
  • open face-illuminated

Channel Letters are great to use when recycling & upgrading signs.

If you've got an old sign that has great bones and just needs a little pop, most sign experts, including us, would suggest channel letters. The freedom found in channel letters use of texture and lighting can essentially adapt and match any other signage types. They're great with wood, sheet metal, LED screens, and even PVC. This means they'll probably adapt to your old signage, one way or the other.

They're cost-effective and low maintenance, especially when lit with LED.

The cost of maintenance for channel letters is typically low. Even lighted channel letters are relatively low, especially when they are lit by energy-efficient LED lights – which would also be a choice for those going for LEED certifications.

That carbon footprint.

Speaking of LEED certifications, because channel letters lack moving parts and contain a variety of available design options, they typically leave a small overall carbon footprint. And if you go with energy-efficient lighting and recycled or LEED-approved materials, which will aid in that LEED certification.

Multiple mounting options.

Just like the texture, design, and lighting options, there are numerous mounting options install channel letters, such as flush & raceway. This means that not only will it safely fasten to a variety of construction styles, it will also not limit you to the constraints of the building structure. Essentially, you'll be able to put the sign where you want it.

Freedom and efficiency define Channel Letters. They can identify those traits for your business as well.

For more information on how we can use channel letters to bring out the best in your brand, contact us today.