3 unique things to do with your business signs in Chicago (and other cities)

Signage in Chicago has become as iconic to the skyline as the buildings they rest upon. For starters, there's that red marquee on Clark & Addison stating "Wrigley Field Home of the Chicago Cubs." (not to mention the hand-operated scoreboard in centerfield at that location). Then there's the magical marquee on 175 N. State street which beacons theater lovers to the historic Chicago Theatre. From the theatrical letters found atop The Drake Hotel and the enterprising font hailing travelers to the Congress Plaza Hotel, to the landmark plaque sign for Marshall Field and Company, Chicagoans are blessed & lucky to have such art on the signs that point the way.

But for every sign such like the icons mentioned above, there are hundreds just as beautiful, ornate, and poignant that can get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes it's a case of branding. Sometimes it's just getting stuck between destination locations.

Either way, as Walt Kelly once said, “In this dark, when we all talk at once, some of us must learn to whistle.” Below are a few ways to "whistle" that always work in advertising and haven't yet been totally utilized by oversaturated by advertisers, yet.

Share "Thank You" letters and reviews

Some of you with traditional signs are reading this and going, "how on earth can we do that?" Those with LED screens integrated into their signs are starting to nod their head in agreement.

Consumers still use word-of-mouth more than anything else. Even in this hit-or-miss age of social media, word-of-mouth is what keeps the markets moving. Showing some of the word-of-mouth from actual customers is a great way to stand out from the others providing offers, but it also shows you're willing to stand by your customers.

Puppies & babies

Puppies & Babies. They're still the best way to get an emotional appeal. Now, don't be too incredible with them, lest you cause traffic accidents, but otherwise, they're marketing gold.

While you'll see puppies & babies a lot, they still convey hope and optimism in today's world, and customers almost never tire of seeing them. Outside of a mortuary, every market can find an angle in which puppies & babies can be included in signage messaging. And if you have some in it already, mix it up and add some more.

Countdown to significant events

It's amazing how well these work. Be them countdowns to the local events (like the annual holiday festival), countdowns to holidays, or countdowns to tasks that need to be done (like taxes), countdown timers keeps the events fresh in the minds of the consumer. Put someone on a clock and they immediate act with some semblance of urgency. Usually, it's to plan an action. Sometimes it's to go run in a whole, hide from the world and suck their thumb, but usually, it leads to positive results.

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